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We’re a tech-driven research and insights agency.
We combine clever automation with expert thinkers to predict and direct effective marketing.

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We combine clever automation with expert
thinkers to predict and direct effective marketing


Cubery is a powerful consumer insights platform. We use clever technology to automate the research processes behind our industry-proven tools and methodologies.

Within only a matter of hours we can test the effectiveness of your marketing and predict how likely it will be to drive profitable brand growth. Prices start at just $1,500.


Data can help unlock insights, but alone it’s worthless. Extracting meaningful insights from data requires expert thinkers, helping businesses to make better decisions.

Our team of specialist consultants will analyse the rich diagnostic information from your test and provide you with clear directions for improvement.


Test iteratively at any stage of the development process, from ideation to execution, or while in-market

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Will your advertising prime long-term brand building?
Test and track the creative effectiveness of advertising across any channel, platform or format.
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Will your innovation drive profitable brand growth?
Test the in-market potential of new product concepts and ideas.
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Is your packaging distinctive and recognisable?
Test the effectiveness of new or revised package designs and labels.

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“Market research takes too
long and is too expensive”

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How it works

We leverage automation to streamline the entire research process and create significant operational efficiencies

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Submit your test
Configure your test and customise your target audience, either via our self-service platform or by completing a briefing form and emailing us.
Review & Launch
We’ll quickly review your test before making it live. Our platform is plugged directly into a sample provider, so respondents will start completing your survey in real-time.
Results delivered
Results will be immediately available via your online dashboard once the target quotas have been met, while a tailored report will be prepared by a consultant.

Reach 25 million consumers globally


United States

United Kingdom

New Zealand


We provide both automated online dashboard deliverables along with bespoke reporting prepared by our team of consultants

Online Dashboard
All your tests will be housed in an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, meaning historical data is never lost and always available at your fingertips.
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Advertising Testing with Cubery Market Research
Tailored Reporting
Our team of consultants will prepare a tailored report for your test, providing you with in-depth analysis, insights and recommendations.

We work with leading brands and agencies

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